THE BIRDHOUSE 144: Catz 'N Dogz Interview


This week on THE BIRDHOUSE we are lucky to have a guest mix from original Dirtybird players, Catz 'N Dogz. The Polish duo has been rocking with us since their first release on the label in 2006 when they still went as 3 Channels. Since then, Catz 'N Dogz has released hit after hit and went on to start their own label, Pets Recordings, which has seen releases from top artists such as Eats Everything, KiNK and more. There is not I can say that has not been already said about these two. Their production style and skills speak for itself and their eclectic taste always makes their mixes a treat. Make sure to check out their newest release "Feelings Factory," out now on DIRTYBIRD. Read on for Catz 'N Dogz guest mix and BIRDHOUSE questionnaire.


How did your music career get started in earnest?

We actually met through a friend. The local scene in Szczecin was not very big, so whenever a new person arrived, everybody knew. Szczecin is a small city, with only 400k residents. In 2003, I was running the streets putting up posters on every wall, and at the time Greg was still not sure if he wanted to be a DJ. Then, Greg started a radio show on our local radio station and I eventually joined. We played minimal, deep house and a variety of electronic music. Around this time, there was a new club opening and Greg asked me if I would like to play with him. After this first night, we played there every 2 weeks and for 3-4 years. 

Where are you from and does it have an influence on your music?

Our hometown is only 100 miles from Berlin, which means we were influenced by Berlin sound from the very beginning. When we were starting in our hometown, there were like 3/4 clubs with electronic music. We would use all our pocket money just to buy some weed and listen to music in the club. 

How many times did you want to quit trying to make this your career?

We have been lucky in life, so we never really thought of quitting except at the very beginning, when some people didn’t really believe in us in Poland. We decided to work a lot in European market and USA, eventually we got accepted more in our homeland.

What was one piece of equipment that helped define your sound early on?

A really shitty Aiwa Stereo. If you can make your records sound good on this, they will sound good everywhere. It was funny because obviously it didn’t really play all the low frequencies and some of the mid ranges neither, so sometimes when we would play a new tune in the club and completely new sounds would appear.

When you were getting started, which artists did you try to emulate (both musically and careerwise)?

At the beginning we were really inspired by minimal house and deep house. In general, I think this will be the genre that we will always come back to. Jacek Sienkiewicz is one of the polish Pioneers and this track is one of the best tracks ever:  - It’s a masterpiece

Another style we liked from the beginning was french filter house. We would include a lot of this style in our sets as well

And of course early techno from Tresor, Axis etc Jeff Mills, Drexyia the list goes on

When you have a tough week or a rough tour, how do you get yourself back on track?

We are trying not to work on Mondays and focus on family, do some sport, play some Xbox and cook some good food. We are both workoholics so we have to learn how to rest.

Where and when are you at your most content/happiest?

We are very happy when it’s not a typical party, when we go somewhere and don’t know anybody. We also love when our friends are with us. Usually we go eat something and later meet in the hotel. We talk about music and stupid youtube videos, then later go together to the club and become inspired by the vibe we feel in the club. I think this is when we play the best, completely connected with friends and the club. Sometimes I feel like nowadays the DJ is to separated from the club and it’s like club vs the DJ. We love when the DJ is just the part of the party and people dance together exploring new sounds.

Do you have any secret hobbies or hidden talents?

Greg has a lot of weird hobbies, they are endless: Ants, watching stars, reading about trains, reading wikipedia about new highways and new contraction sites.


Favorite and least favorite colors?

We don’t really have a preference but we are not into the whole black color only thing.

Favorite and least favorite words?

Favorite words are from our hometown Szczecin

Many/Maniura - It just means dude in english.

Least favorite word in english is definietly “foodie” yuksss

Favorite animal?

Recently we are more into dogs :)

Favorite board game?

Secret Code

Favorite guilty pleasure food?

Fried Chicken - Voitek

Pizza - Greg

Favorite guilty pleasure song?

Calvin Harris feat Dua Lipa.

German or Detroit techno?

Music Not Genres.

Festival, club or illegal warehouse?

A little bit of everything. We are kind of known for being able to play all.

Biggie or Tupac?

Wow this is a tough one. But yeah Biggie.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Just stars without Wars or Trek

Exercise or Netflix?

Recently exercise became an addiction and Netflix was already