Working on music together with talented artists who are also close friends is one of the best parts of this industry. When a collaboration works it just works, and it’s clear that Amok, the new project from Will Clarke and Sian is one of those collaborations. While Will primarily releases house, I’ve signed so many of his tracks to Dirtybird because of his versatility and there is a clear techno influence on his style. Sian, of course, heads Octopus Recordings, a notorious techno label. Now they’ve come together with a unique sound that is as heavy as it is fluid.

Following suit of Sian who almost exclusively releases on his own label, Amok’s first release came out on Octopus back in December of last year. A pure techno three-tracker, the “You Only Want Me” EP was welcome addition to the Octopus catalog. Up next the duo is proving their commitment to diversity by putting out a new single on my good friend Green Velvet’s label, Relief, later this month entitled “Higher”. I’m really excited to see where else this pair goes musically, and I’m even more excited they provided a guest mix for THE BIRDHOUSE. Check it out below!