THE BIRDHOUSE 193: Alex Kennon

BH 193 - Alex Kennon.png

On THE BIRDHOUSE, I strive to showcase not only the biggest names in underground house and techno but also up and coming DJs and producers that I have my eye on. Alex Kennon is one of those producers that has recently showed up on my radar. His recent EP on Saved Records, has been in heavy rotation in my bag of tracks. I particularly like the B side “The Lover,” and have been rinsing it quite regularly since it showed up in my promo box. Alex comes from Italy, but now spends his time between there and Barcleona. Although he is somewhat of a fresh face in the scene, Kennon has already scored releases on prominent house labels such as Rebellion, Crosstown Rebels, VIVa Music and more. His stripped back organic grooves are finely tunes and always make his productions stand out amongst the hoards of tracks being released every day. I am excited to welcome Alex Kennon to THE BIRDHOUSE, check out his guest mix and questionnaire below.


How did your music career get started in earnest?

Everything started from my guitar lessons from a young age. My father was passionate about music and we always had bunches of vinyl’s everywhere at home. I started my DJ career in a club called Donkey in my hometown every Saturday as a resident, I was around 18 at the time.

Where are you from and does it have an influence on your music?

I’m from Italy, exactly from the Puglia region. The area wasn’t one of my main influences in my musical journey, but I have to say that we have some of the best clubs over there. Clubs like Clorophilla, Cromie, Guendalina and the promoters used to have the best artists on the scene every weekend.

How many times did you want to quit trying to make this your career?

 I’m that kind of person and have the behavior that I never give up, especially in the bad moments. So, my answer is ‘’not once’’!

What was one piece of equipment that helped define your sound early on?

Roland MC 303, I was attracted to it because of the 80’ sounds it produces.

When you were getting started, which artists did you try to emulate (both musically and career wise)?

I had many influences from many artists that I loved at the time, I have lots of love and respect for them from these early times still today, but I never tried to emulate them. They are unique artists, and for me, a big task is to try to be original and become an ‘’artist’’ that could be recognized from their own work and sound. It’s so easy to copy of someone, that doesn’t get you far from my point of view.

When you have a tough week or a rough tour, how do you get yourself back on track?

What really helps me is just being back at home with my phone off, it makes me think of the things I love and miss. For example, meeting my friends, working in my garden, playing the guitar, watching or catching up on the Moto GP, or just something that helps myself to disconnect from work and emails.

Where and when are you at your most content/happiest?

Where there is music, my family and my friends anywhere in the world.

Do you have any secret hobbies or hidden talents?

Well I am ‘not that bad’ at playing guitar, then I love motorsports, motorcycles and go-karts. And as a hobby, I'm fascinated with animal documentaries. I only seem to watch the National Geographic Wild channel on tv.


Favorite and least favorite colors?

Fav: Light Green Worst: Brown

Favorite and least favorite words?

Fav: Delirio Worst: LOL

Favorite animal?

My Dog Lola otherwise the list could be longer

Favorite board game?

Ableton Live

Favorite guilty pleasure food?

Dark Chocolate and strawberries

Favorite guilty pleasure song?

GORILLAZ - Empire Ants feat. Little Dragon

German or Detroit techno?

Detroit Techno from Germany

Festival, club or illegal warehouse?

Each one has different features that I love, and I can’t choose a peculiar one

Biggie or Tupac?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

Exercise or Netflix?

Depends on the mood