THE BIRDHOUSE 200: Green Velvet

BH200 - Square.png

Finally, after four years of producing this show, we have arrive at episode 200 of THE BIRDHOUSE. This week I am happy to bring you a special guest mix from my Relief label head, legendary producer and my great friend, Green Velvet. If you don’t know Green Velvet, then you don’t live on planet earth. When I was first starting DIrtybird, everyone in the original crew wanted to make tracks like Green Velvet. Today, I have the pleasure of performing in a duo with him called Get Real.

Velvet first got his start in the early 1990’s in his hometown of Chicago, under his initial moniker, Cajmere. Under this alias he released the classic track, "Coffee Pot" (It's Time for the Percolator) on Clubhouse Record. In 1993 he created Relief records and his new alter ego, Green Velvet was born. Since then he has commanded the scene releasing hit after hit and building a world renown label that has launched the careers of countless star DJs and producers. To call Velvet a house hero would be an understatement. As a special treat for episode 200 of THE BIRDHOUSE, Velvet will be premiering the brand new Get Real single “Jolean.” Check out Green Velvet’s guest mix below.